High Return Update - 3.15.17

The boat has continued to make progress....The engines have arrived in Wanchese, NC; the transmissions are ready to be picked up from Chesapeake, VA.  Capt. Dave has got everything ready for install with a clean and re-painted engine room, cleaned and painted engine mounts, cleaned and painted isolator mounts, new hoses and has made all repairs that were needed but was unable to access previously.  The new engines have new displays and control panels so he has had to reconfigure that helm to get everything to fit correctly, this entailed removing the old controls and wires, making a template for the new displays, cutting the new piece, glue, fiberglass, running new wires, paint and there you have it.....new display and controls case......easy!!  Ha Ha.....  The boat got a fresh coat of paint from the turndown back.  The prep is the most important part so that the paint job comes out as best it can.  The name was replaced as well as the boot stripe.  This has been a long project, the weather has been great overall  and now to the engines and transmissions install, hooking everything up, testing it, put her back in the water, testing again, making any adjustments needed, making sure they are secure in the boat, testing again.......getting her ready for the Spring Season - Which is just around the corner - Spring is this coming Monday.