High Return Is Back In The Water - 4.12.17

The High Return was put in the water yesterday afternoon about 5:00pm.  They had to hand-line her into a slip - try pulling a 57" boat out of boat slings, turning her and getting her into a slip without hitting another boat or any part of the dock and keeping control of her..............  Not as easy as you think!!!  Capt. Dave was very happy to have the High Return safely tied up in the slip.  There were a couple of valves that needed to be tightened but no leaks, the new transducer that was installed in the bottom of the boat is "as dry as a bone" from what Capt. Dave said last night.  The High Return will have to stay in the slip for a couple of days while she has a chance to settle back out since she is a wooden boat, in the meantime, Capt. Dave, the Guys from CAT, Bert and Cameron will be busy putting everything back together, getting the engines hooked up, putting the deck back down, paint touch ups, clean up and then the test drives begin.  The High Return is not only going to feel like a new boat with new engines and transmissions, but she is going to look like one too with a thorough cleaning and new paint.