High Return Hauled Out & Overhaul Engines - 1.12.17

The High Return was hauled out of the water on Thursday January 12, 2017 for the engines and transmissions to be overhauled.  We will also compete the yearly maintenance and repairs that need to be done while she is out of the water.  Capt. Dave had to cut the salon deck out so that a crane can get the CAT engines out in one piece, it is a good thing he builds boats in the off-season.  The transmissions are also getting removed and overhauled.  The High Return is such a big boat when you see her on land.....

Tuna & Mahi-Mahi Anyone!!!!

The Ocean is alive with all sorts of stuff to see and to catch..............The past couple of days has our charters going home with a freezer full of Yellow-Fin Tuna and Mahi-Mahi. Don't forget the experience that you have when you take this kind of trip.


Fishing Before the Weather Moves In.........

We got a couple of fantastic days in before the front sitting of the Coast, South of us started moving North......  The fish were biting and so were the sharks!!!  The weather should clear up later today and we will see what the ocean has to offer. 


We have had several great days fishing since the Tropical Storm.............There has been so much out there - each day is never the same.  Billfish, Yellow-Fin Tuna, Black-Fin Tuna, Big-Eye Tuna, Wahoo and Sharks. That does not count the rest of what the ocean has to offer.......  Book your trip for the Fall Tuna Season which is just about to coming into full swing.