Nick Rausch - 5/18/17

What a wonderful time out there with Nick.  Capt. Dave's son, Cameron went out with them and so did Sean Hayes.  Wonderful Yellow-Fin Tuna and Mahi-Mahi to take home.  Happy Birthday Cameron!!!!

High Return Engines & Transmissions Removed on 1.18.17

The preparation was completed and a ramp constructed to remove the engines and transmission.  The engines were removed and transported to CAT, Capt. Dave transported the transmissions to the Hampton Roads area. 

High Return Hauled Out & Overhaul Engines - 1.12.17

The High Return was hauled out of the water on Thursday January 12, 2017 for the engines and transmissions to be overhauled.  We will also compete the yearly maintenance and repairs that need to be done while she is out of the water.  Capt. Dave had to cut the salon deck out so that a crane can get the CAT engines out in one piece, it is a good thing he builds boats in the off-season.  The transmissions are also getting removed and overhauled.  The High Return is such a big boat when you see her on land.....