About the Day

High Return Sportfishing

Our typical day of fishing begins at 4:00 AM which is when we arrive at the boat.  We have you arrive just before 5:00 AM and will board shortly thereafter and depart between 5:00 AM and 5:30 AM.  We typically run 30-40 miles offshore.  This varies often.  In the course of a year, we will fish up and down the drop-off of the continental slope between Hatteras and the NC/VA border.  We typically fish until 2:30 PM and return to the dock around 4:30 PM. 

Lunch on the High return Sportfishing boat

That’s a long day, so you will want to bring plenty of food and drinks for your group.  Many of our savvy charters bring one large cooler for their drinks and cold stuff and a box or bags with their dry snacks, bread & candy etc.  Water is a good idea, no matter how much soda, beer or other stuff you bring to drink, bring water!  A roll of paper towels always makes life easier too. Here are a few recommendations on food ideas.

  • Morning Biscuits or Breakfast Burritos
  • Crackers of any kind are good to nibble on!
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Fried Chicken
  • Sandwich Platter and/or Veggie Tray (many of the local sandwich shops will make a custom sandwich platter with veggies and fixings' on the side so your bread will not get soggy)
  • Cold or microwavable pizza
  • Popcorn
catch of the Day on the High Return Sportfishing Charter

It usually takes us less than two hours to get to the fishing grounds.  Once there we troll with dead bait and artificial baits.  Most everything we troll with is attractive to all the species of fish we are targeting.  Different conditions or the prevalence of one species over another may determine slight differences in our tactics, but for the most part it can be said we fish for what is biting!  At different times of the year it may be almost all Tuna, all dolphin or a mixture of both.  Billfish, Wahoo and other pelagic predators spice up the mix.  We have to be prepared for several types of fishing because conditions can change so much in our fishing area.  Capt. Dave and his crew will spend their time working hard to provide a productive day for the anglers.  A quality day of fishing, with a local native captain, Capt. Dave’s experience can’t be beat!

High Return Fishing Charter

We pick the baits up in the afternoon and have a run of similar duration to get home.  There is nothing like the feeling of coming under the Oregon Inlet Bridge knowing that soon you’ll be center stage as hoards of onlookers ogle over your catch.  A couple of billfish flags on the riggers give cause for bragging rights too.  We unload your catch onto the dock where you can pose for pictures while showing everyone your catch.  The fish then can be cleaned for a small fee or you may take them with you if you wish to clean them yourselves.  Oregon Inlet Fishing Center provides a fish cleaning service for a fee