Fall Fishing - October

The fleet has been able to get out after the hurricanes have moved off.  They have been coming back home with a box full of Yellow-Fin!!!  The Fall Fishing is a wonderful time to stock up your freezer with fresh fish!!!

Ray Kerber - 10/7/17 & 10/8/17

Ray Kerber and guys were out with us for a couple days.....they had a great time, there were marks on the screen, fish jumping and beautiful days.  Capt. Dave forgot to take the camera with him though!! 

Nick Rousch - 10/6/17 & 10/7/17

It was great to see Nick and the guys out fishing.  Everyone had a wonderful time and enjoyed the short break from the office.  They are going home with Tuna, Mahi-Mahi and Shrimp (no, we did not get the shrimp but our neighbor did).  Capt. Dave's son and daughter-in-law were on the Bonner Bridge when Dave was coming in, they took some wonderful photos of the boat.  Thank you Brandon and Lillie. 

Return to OIFC after Hurricane Maria - 9/29/17

We untied the High Return and took her back to Oregon Inlet Fishing Center after Hurricane Maria had moved off more.  Even the Ducks came to say good bye.....  Oregon Inlet Fishing Center looks very bare without very few boats in their slips, most of the boats returned today. 

Hurricane Jose & Hurricane Maria - 9/28/17

Finally the two back to back Hurricanes have moved off.  Hurricane Jose just sat offshore for days and Maria has caused a lot of flooding and high surf.  Capt. Dave moved the High Return to Pirate's Cove Marina for safe keeping, she will probably go back to the Fishing Center tomorrow.  We are hoping to get out on Saturday as long as all the cards line up...........  These photos were taken yesterday when I went and checked on her at the Cove.  FALL Fishing has begun and after all churning up that the ocean has had - it will be a Fabulous Fall Fishing Season!!!!

Ralph Jourdan - 9/21/17

This was the last day that we got to go out before the Hurricane Swells were just too much.  The swell from Jose was just offshore and Hurricane Maria is very shortly behind it.  The fish were biting and getting their fill before the water gets churned up.